Jeff Yack is a qualified independent Vedic Meditation teacher. 

He was certified in the Himalayas of India by one of the world’s most prominent Vedic instructors, Thom Knoles (Maharishi Vyasananda).  He is dedicated to improving the lives of others by teaching this powerful technique as it was taught to him.

Outside of teaching, Jeff maintains a professional career in the Financial Industry.  In his early years he was employed on Wall Street as an Equity Trader and spent the last ten years working in sales for a leading financial market information provider.  He became interested in meditation after researching all of its benefits on enhanced work performance and stress management.  In just a few short weeks, Jeff noticed significant improvements to his professional career but more importantly experienced a transformation in his own well-being.  Observing how much of an impact meditation can have on an individual, Jeff was inspired to become a teacher so he could share it with others. 

Jeff is currently based in Laguna Beach, CA.