Will meditation work for me? 

Yes.  Anyone can meditate because its a natural technique.  What differentiates Vedic Meditation from other practices is that you dont have to focus, concentrate, contemplate, or imagine anything. We simply allow our minds to be.  Its easy, its effortless and is designed for everyone.

Is this a religious practice or does it require I change my lifestyle in anyway?

No.  It is simply a practical technique designed to help your well-being.  People from all walks of life practice this meditation to improve their mind, body, and behaviors. No new beliefs, diets, or lifestyles are required in anyway.

With that said, it is considered a spiritual practice to some as it will better connect you with your inner essence or the core of who you are.  Youll begin to notice those irrelevant behaviors you don’t care for start to disappear while all the positive attributes you love about yourself begin to shine.

I’ve tried other types of meditation before but I can’t stop my mind from thinking.  Will Vedic Meditation work for me?

If we are trying to stop the mind from thinking, then we will always be thinking.  This is the great paradox of meditation.  Unlike other techniques, which keep the mind active by trying, Vedic Meditation is designed to de-excite the mind effortlessly in a natural and spontaneous way.  With proper instruction, anyone can learn this technique and become an expert meditator.

How do you practice this technique?

By sitting comfortably upright with the back supported and eyes closed for 20 minutes twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening.  This technique can be practiced in your living room, at the park, in the subway, pretty much anywhere you can think of.  To anyone watching you, it looks as though you are simply resting.  No lotus poses or building your own home sanctuary required to get the benefits of this powerful technique.

How long will it take until I feel the benefits?

Many people report increased energy, greater composure, and greater clarity in the first few weeks.  Friends and family will often notices differences as well.

Does it take years to master?

No.  By the end of the four day course you will be an self-sufficient meditator. On going support and group meditations are available to help stay regular with the practice.